The Itch, The Glitch, and the Inner Bitch

The Itch the Glitch and the Inner Bitch

The Itch

/weird feeling, inexplicable decrease in energy, depression and apathy or quite the opposite – sudden frustration, anxiety and/or anger/

It’s your gut, telling you something’s off with your life.


The Glitch

/an event (minor or major), a person (real and fictional), a book, a movie, a sentence, a piece of art, random coincidence or an epiphany/

It’s the moment of a revelation; “A Bleep in a Matrix” type of thing when all of a sudden you know what itches you and why.


The Inner Bitch

/the ultimate Dreams’ Killer, with the capital “K” and the capital “D”. Your brain’s default programung/

Your subconscious.

Her main mission is to fix “the damage” done by the Glitch and get you back to “the normal state”.

She works 24/7 from the moment your are aware until the day you die, just to keep you in your comfort zone. She’ll serve you with the most pessimistic thoughts and black scenarios filled with self-doubt, fear and judgement. She’ll trick you into anger. She’ll trick you into hate. She’ll trick you in squared, narrow-minded thinking.

She’ll strip you down from courage, passions and dreams. And she’ll totally screw you over if left unsupervised;

So first, you need to embrace her,
then, to understand her
and finally – to control her.


“The Itch, The Glitch and the Inner Bitch” –  they’re all waiting for you here.