You’re so vain! I bet you think this post is about you…

… don’t You?

Don’t get upset and don’t take it personal.
Especially, that it wouldn’t be wise… as you can never be sure if it is indeed about you.

But… if it is about You…

Firstly, it’s only You and me who know that.

We can keep it that way. At least I will.

Secondly, it is nothing more than my personal account of a story that you just happened to play a guest role in. See, if I exclude you from it, the story will be incomplete.

And even if you disagree with my logic, remember that it is still MY EXPERIENCE… to which you have accidentally contributed.

/Ok, in some cases you have perhaps contributed intentionally.
And greatly.
But the experience is still mine nevertheless./

…still, it may not be about You…

Think about it.

Are you sure, 100% sure, “I have no doubt about it” type-of-sure it is about you?

Would you put your hand in a fire for that?



After all… maybe you’re just vain?

“Warren Beatty” type of vain?

What if I write about you but I will never admit it is about you – deal?

Just like Carly Simon in 1972, when she wrote a song about her troubled relationship with a certain man, whose identity she hasn’t revealed until this’s day.

Almost 45 years of media frenzy, interviews and investigations and that woman is still not giving up. She chose to give some hints here and there, but never truly revealed who is the “vain guy”.

Which slowly drives everyone nuts.

And there were (and still are) plenty of contenders.

Who is You’re So Vain about?

Since 1972 Carly Simon has been asked the question Who is You’re So Vain about? Here you can read and watch her reactions and decide for yourself if it’s Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger, or someone else altogether.

Btw, last time I’ve checked, Warren Beatty was still convinced that the song is about him

/Which is partially true. One verse indeed refers to him, however not the entire song; but what can you expect, the guy is just a little bit vain… right? ;-)/

So the thing is: If you think this Post is about You, it is most probably about You.

You may find yourself as a main protagonist of the story.
You may find yourself in one single paragraph.
Or in a sentence.

Or nowhere really,

You’re impression, my dear friend, will depend on “The Warren Beatty” percentage in you.

And that’s not something I have a control of




So while you are trying to figure out if it is or it is not about you, I would just recommend you to relax instead… and listen to this really cool tune.



Are you ready to check your vanity level?

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